chapter  6
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WithDavid Grayson, Chris Coulter, Mark Lee

The top-ranked companies in the Leaders Survey have been at the forefront of creating and/or leading an increasingly complex and sophisticated range of Collaboration to improve their own, and society's, resilience. Increasingly, generalist corporate responsibility coalitions open to businesses from any industry and tackling a range of responsible business issues; have been supplemented by collaborations focused on particular industry sectors, or on specific issues including water or human rights. Several business representative organizations such as the Consumer Goods Forum are also increasingly facilitating collaboration for sustainability among their members. A number of major companies have committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aligning their strategies and seeking out new collaborations to make their commitments as impactful as possible. As collaboration becomes more important for business and for the successful execution of sustainability strategy so does deciding what issues to prioritize, in which order, and with which partners.