chapter  11
12 Pages

What Are Our Roles in Taking Action Against Ableism?

WithSusan Baglieri, Priya Lalvani

This chapter focuses on the question of how we can position ourselves as agents of transformation and bring about social change. It provides strategies for teachers to invite students into inquiries about how we can take action against ableism, using a critical lens. It stresses that those involved in social action must be thoughtful and critically reflective on their own positionality in relation to disability and ableism, and distinguishes between the terms: “advocate,” “self-advocate,” “activist,” and “ally.” Additionally, the authors underscore the importance of attending to intersectionality of identities. The chapter provides strategies for developing classroom activities that allow students to explore their own role in making social change. It includes suggestions for books and multimedia sources, both for further professional development and for use in K–12 lesson planning or curriculum development. It includes numerous activity ideas, teaching tips, and reproducible worksheets for engaging in inquiries related to becoming an ally, taking action, or educating their communities toward the goal of social change.