chapter  2
How American Teachers Learn to Teach
WithNobuo K. Shimahara, Akira Sakai
Pages 37

This chapter helps the reader to identify similarities and contrasts between beginning Japanese and American teachers in the process of learning to teach. It provides biographical information on neophytes relevant to the theme. The chapter draws upon observational data to construct the neophytes' routines. It looks at how neophytes construct their curriculum and at the difficulties involved in this process. The chapter focuses on Nancy Smith at Westville Upper Elementary School and Ellen Steinbeck at Southtown Elementary School. Ellen Steinbeck began preservice teacher education at the undergraduate level and completed her program in elementary and special education at a state university. Southtown Elementary School had both conventional closed classrooms and open-space classrooms. Teacher trainees begin to understand the complex reality of the classroom for the first time through student teaching. The chapter refers to Janet Montana at Westville and Gail Fisher at Southtown whenever their comments shed light upon the socialization of beginning teachers.