chapter  4
Development of Teaching Strategies and Perspectives
WithNobuo K. Shimahara, Akira Sakai
Pages 34

In this chapter, the authors explore the strategies that American beginning teachers developed to learn to teach. They draw on Lacey's definitions of social strategies in their analysis of the process of learning to teach, to distinguish the strategies employed by their research participants. Lacey's social strategies are of three types: internalized adjustment, strategic compliance, and strategic redefinition. The strategies used by beginning teachers range from internalized adjustment to strategic redefinition. Although their strategies varied from internalized adjustment to strategic redefinition, each strategy was a complex process that involved personal interpretations of the problems and the construction of strategies. The chapter discusses Pollard's model to explore the social contextualization of the two beginning teachers, Ellen and Nancy, and the development of their strategies and perspectives. Nancy's critical attitudes toward whole language were linked to her broad pedagogical and policy concerns contextualized at the intermediate institutional levels and macrolevels.