chapter  7
Occupational Socialization of Beginning Teachers in Japan
WithNobuo K. Shimahara, Akira Sakai
Pages 25

This chapter discusses the occupational socialization of beginning teachers. It focuses on the perspectives on teaching that beginning teachers developed, including their thoughts on the transition from college to elementary school and their approaches to problems in teaching, collegial relationships, and relationships with parents and the community. The chapter also discusses teacher socialization as the process whereby beginning teachers acquired knowledge of teaching and sensitivity toward it by typifying their experiences through interaction with experienced teachers. The widespread existence of juku in Japan epitomizes the pervasiveness of parents' concerns the intense competition during high school and with the university entrance examinations. Effects of juku on schooling at the secondary level are greater as university entrance examinations draw closer. The chapter explores the extent to which the preservice training programs offered by their universities had an impact on them and how they experienced the transition from their universities to their schools.