chapter  12
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Using the 4-D Wheel in Individual and Couples Therapy

WithGina Ogden

Organizing therapy sessions via the 4-D Wheel encourages clients to make distinctions, clear confusion, and open new options for communication among their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences. It also engages clients in their own therapy and allows therapists to collaborate with them rather than only diagnose and treat them. This chapter presents case examples to amplify numerous strategies for therapists, beginning with the injunction to incorporate into 4-D work the techniques they already know and that work well for them. Neuro Updates #26 and #27 address the neuro benefits of full engagement via the 4-D Core Dynamics of holding space, movement, ritual, and concretizing abstract concepts, with references to Nick Hobson, Stephen Porges, and Kerstin Preuschoff.