chapter  2
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Causes of Migration Pressure

ByAhmet Akgündüz

This chapter begins with an examination of three economic factors: the economic and industrial growth rates, wages, and national income distribution; the labour market and unemployment; and capitalist transformation processes in the socio-economic structure. When labour migration came onto the agenda, Turkey had actually been experiencing an almost uninterrupted series of both mass inflows and outflows of people. Having remarked on some theoretical aspects of population growth and unemployment relations, the chapter explores on the structure of unemployment in Turkey during the migration years. Studies that define causes of migration pressure in all the sending countries of the post-war labour migration to Western Europe attribute a primary importance to the factor of economic and industrial growth rates. According to them, slow economic and industrial growth on the one hand and fast population growth on the other (and as a result of this discrepancy, unemployment, poverty and underdevelopment) explain the causes of migration pressure in the sending countries.