chapter  5
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How to Get Away with Muda

WithKate McGovern

The Muda can be found embedded in processes that are essential to service and regulatory functions. Those processes can be improved. In other instances, an entire process is muda. A scenario used in the Green Belt class is based on such a situation, so trainees can practice dealing with change management challenges that are common to Lean efforts in bureaucracies. The exercise is based on a process that should have been discontinued. A multi-agency team documented the current state of training, finding lots of non-standard rework, time, and travel expense. The lack of technical expertise in communication modes has a minor impact, compared with the impact on major IT projects to operate our enterprises. The first rule of any technology used in a business process is that automation applied to an efficient process will magnify the efficiency. Public sector organizations often fail to include an IT representative on Lean project teams.