chapter  Three
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The Conception of the Mie

ByDaniel Todd

This chapter discusses the conception of the military-industrial enterprises and encompasses both prime contractors that are highly defence-dependent and the divisions of large conglomerates that are equally circumstanced. In 1960 general dynamics was confirmed as a bomber specialist with production of the B-58. This aircraft was phased out in 1962 and replaced by development of the F—111 which was primarily a bomber. Cancellation of the bomber was offset by production contracts for Apollo, contracts which maintained Rockwell's aerospace interests until 1972 when development work on a new bomber, the B-1, and the Shuttle space vehicle replaced it. Cancellation and reinstatement marked the B-1, but it and the Shuttle sufficed to underpin Rockwell into the late-1980s. LTV started the 1960s with the F-8 fighter in full production, a state of affairs which continued until 1966 when the A-7 strike aircraft superseded the fighter on the production lines. A-7 output was maintained through to the mid-1980s, latterly as a result of 'add-ons'.