chapter  Five
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The Modern Mie

ByDaniel Todd

This chapter discusses the initial concern for the appearance of modern military-industrial enterprises in the advanced-industrial countries, the subsequent contemplation of their development in various manifestations in those same countries. Start-up aircraft enterprises undertaking construction of their own designs also embraced the Aircraft Manufacturing Company of Hendon, Blackburn Aeroplane of Leeds, British and Colonial Aeroplane, Short Brothers of Rochester and the Sopwith Aviation Company of Kingston-on-Thames. Italian warship builder Ansaldo was unexcelled in this respect: acquiring the aircraft enterprises of Pomilio, SIT and SVA; all collocated in Turin. The revamping was centred, for the most part, on fitting a Canadian turbojet, the Avro Orenda, into the US-designed airframe in place of the GE J47. Completion of Argus and Sabre contracts compelled Canadair to revert to 'licence producer' status in the 1960s with much of its workload deriving from the CF-104 programme. KHI found itself bracketed in the 'dependent co-producer' category in consequence of a maritime patrol aircraft project.