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Setting the scene – the psychopathology of everyday life

WithChris Steed

Psychological distress gives rise to considerable controversy in diagnosis; divisions that are yet to be healed. Psychotherapy and psychiatry are widely drawn upon to preserve the mental health of Western society. Positive psychology is often regarded as superficial: a disregard for the brutal realities everybody experiences. In the realm of psychotherapy, the world has been split into two; the internal realm hermetically sealed from social pressures. Brains are in bodies and bodies have a history inhabited by a social and cultural context. The prevalence and depth of isolation in contemporary society shows a lonely exodus that is in retreat from itself as social bonds weaken. Violence accomplishes this remedial action through setting up a social exchange system through which the devalued and the victim change places. Human worth is transmitted by deeply rooted social structures: systems that were away behind the scenes to quiet yet deadly effect.