chapter  Chapter 12
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Transformative change and positive places

WithChris Steed

The task of increasing well-being, resilience and happiness for all is the province of a remarkable positive psychology that has a dynamic of human flourishing. In both spheres, there is considerable scope for society to promote positive places; valuing environments that give us a heady sense of being worthwhile. In summary, valuing environments are positive places that are crucial for human flourishing. The motivation towards being of high value goes to the focal core of the human situation. The dynamic of human value is a serious and constitutive factor in society. A sense of value is an environment that promotes human flourishing. Sources of value and significance are primarily to do with human relationships and performing at work, sports or hobbies. Human activity in organisations flourishes at its optimum in a valuing environment where the link between inner value and external, added value is optimised.