chapter  Chapter 6
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Re-setting the personality drivers

WithChris Steed

The classification of the drivers has proved to be such a storm centre in the swirl of debate because on it, so much depends. The taxonomy of the drivers illustrates the point made by Foucault about the archaeology of knowledge. The proposal is that the impetus towards being of high value and the response is a fundamental driver by an energy that is embedded in our psyche. The pursuit of value, a driver in some psychological processes, is a content area psychology has yet to conceptualise adequately. Best practice both in medical and psychotherapy models recognises, for the most part, the importance of respect for the patient/client. Baffled as to the source, social or psychodynamic forces do mighty battle on the surface of the unsuspecting. The idea of human worth is a fundamental theme in social and cultural life and the motor behind many psychological and social processes.