chapter  3
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A Just Distribution of Resources

ByLinda Barclay

This chapter discusses those approaches broadly concerned with distributive justice, that is, the distribution of benefits and burdens within a given society. It particularly discusses the metric of distributive justice, that is, with the elements with which one make interpersonal comparisons, and proposes remedies to disadvantage. The chapter deals with the potential of different metrics of justice to accurately diagnose the injustices faced by people with disabilities and to offer adequate solutions. It looks at theories of distributive justice concerned with personal resources, and argues that well-known resource approaches to distributive justice do quite poorly with respect to the first criterion. Whether they successfully evade the charge that they jeopardise the dignity of people with disabilities is more difficult to answer, the chapter concludes that there are no compelling reasons to suppose that resource approaches are necessarily at odds with dignity. It claims that arguments that resource approaches denigrate and disparage people with disabilities are sometimes overblown.