chapter  1
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Parallels between Moreno’s biography and his theory of self

ByRozei Telias

Chapter 1 provides a detailed description of the relationship between Moreno’s private history and his theory. Moreno claimed that he played the lead role in his own psychodrama, and therefore his private history, his family background and key figures in his life are of the utmost importance for understanding of thoughts. Throughout his life, one can identify three recurring themes: (1) the search for a model for the cosmic man, (2) the development of the philosophical-theological worldview and (3) conceptualizing man as a role player. These three themes are expressed in psychodrama.

The biographical myths reveal the manner in which Moreno chose to present himself and his history, for example, the semi-mythical story of his birth on an anonymous ship sailing from port to port. The concept of anonymity was in accordance with the cosmic idea. Moreno perceived himself as the voice of the cosmic dimension, and the biographical myths he created are the starting point of this conception.

Moreno was also the model of a man who plays various roles in his life, especially “God” – games, man acting out God the creator. Psychodrama itself emerged from Moreno’s belief that it helps people discover their creativity and elucidate the divine activities in the cosmos.