chapter  2
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Moreno’s philosophical-theological perception of the self

ByRozei Telias

In his chapter, I argue that Moreno’s theory is a personality theory based on psychological principles. In fact, it is more of a philosophical theory of the development of man rather than a theory of psychopathology. Moreno’s religious and philosophical background led him to a new worldview, and this separates him from other theorists and from other psychopathological theories of personality. His starting point is not psychology, but the concepts “creativity”, “spontaneity”, “warm up” and “tele”. Essentially these are philosophical ideas related to Moreno’s existential concept of God. The concept of God explains the psychological aspects, which in turn can develop a psychopathology.

All of the aforementioned concepts present the components of personality. They interact with each other in order to generate a special dynamic that could relate to Moreno’s philosophical-theological approach.