chapter  4
University of Pennsylvania School of Architecture
WithDreck Spurlock Wilson
Pages 11

In September 1898, Professor-in-Charge Warren Powers Laird admitted Julian Abele to the University of Pennsylvania School of Architecture. Julian was attracted to the university because it was the fifth in America to adopt the techniques of l’Ėcole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Julian’s First Year was uneventful spent serving upperclassmen Louis Magaziner pochéng, stippling and adding shadows to presentation drawings. At the end of his Third Year Julian was awarded by faculty vote the Arthur Spayd Brooke Memorial Prize for a junior whose entire body of work for the year showed the highest excellence. At the beginning of his Fourth Year upperclassmen by secret ballot elected Julian President of the Architectural Society. On June 18, 1902, Julian was not amongst the Class Day graduation processional prohibited because of his race. Nevertheless, Julian became the second Negro in America conferred a Barch degree.