chapter  5
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
WithDreck Spurlock Wilson
Pages 6

In the summer of 1902, Julian Abele passed the entrance examination to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He signed the Registrar’s ledger October 8, 1902, entitling him to Academy membership, access to the finest print collection in America, library privileges, reserved draughting table and three “elephant” boards. In the Academy’s 96th year the inaugural Course in Architecture because of Julian was the first, racially, integrated one. Classes met Monday–Friday from 5:00–10:00 o’clock. Subjects to be mastered included: Free-Hand Lettering, Geometrical Instrument Drawing, Perspective Drawing, Shadow Drawing, Water Color Painting, Historic Ornamentation, French or German, Art History, Wash Drawing, Pen and Ink Sketching and Modeling. Julian received a Certificate of Completion in Architectural Drawing conferred May 30, 1903.