chapter  2
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Placing Khami

ByAshton Sinamai

The Portuguese provide descriptions of life in the Mutapa court, which has also been used to fill in missing information on Khami and Great Zimbabwe. They also provided information on the establishment of the Torwa state of which Khami was the capital. The Torwa, who had had their capital at Khami, continued with the tradition of constructing monumental stone buildings. This Torwa state built Khami as its capital and established a large state that covered much of southern and western Zimbabwe and eastern Botswana. Khami is located about 22 kilometres from the city centre of Bulawayo. The World Heritage property at Khami is composed of a group of nine stone-built platforms on an area of 420 hectares. One of the ruins across the Khami River near the waterworks was affected by the building of staff houses, the waterworks as well as the dam.