chapter  5
Violence, Militarization, Security, and Peace
WithBonnie G. Smith
Pages 18

Violence, militarization, and securitization are wide-ranging issues in women’s lives. Violence of all sorts infects the world and menaces its people. Many are threatened by the organized violence of civil war, gangs, and international crime, while individual violence erupts in homes, neighborhoods, and city streets. Unlike Lynndie England, in wartime military men are said to perform a rational and controlled violence on the enemy. Women’s Studies scholars and activists around the world have worked to understand both violence and the development of the security state. Women’s Studies sees many acts as highly gendered, both those against individuals and against the welfare of the people across the globe. Some feminists have maintained that women are far less violent than men and even pacifistic by nature. For millennia women have been astute, determined warriors, leading vast armies of male and at times female troops and sometimes both male and female warriors.