chapter  VI
26 Pages

Silk Road Security

WithRaffaello Pantucci, Sarah Lain

This chapter outlines how China is approaching security cooperation in the region, the challenges it faces and what implications this has for the Silk Road Economic Belt and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It also looks at how Chinese security policy may evolve to manage this increased investment. The stability and security of Central Asia has been of great importance to China for some time, and China's security influence has gradually increased. Border security and counter-narcotics have also been a key focus of the security cooperation, highlighting how some of the cooperation with Central Asia is also about protecting China from any security problems that could spill over from Central Asia into Xinjiang. For China, security cooperation is aimed at providing stability at home and in its close neighbours that China hopes will not only assist in quelling unrest in Xinjiang, but also allow for a consistent climate for investment.