chapter  12
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Comprehensive land-use planning

WithJ. Schofield

Land-use planning goes by various names in addition to the one chosen here: town and country planning; town planning; physical planning; or spatial planning. Whatever the name, its objective is to optimize the use of land as it is taken up for different purposes: shopping and other commercial development, industrial development, residential development, agricultural, transportation or recreational use. This chapter focuses on the evaluation of broader plans for urban redevelopment and expansion, and for spatial development at the regional level, where a variety of interrelated projects may be involved. It reviews in turn the matrix display and more partial approaches to plan evaluation. The chapter illustrates the approach by reference to the case of the proposed expansion of the town of Ipswich. It also illustrates application of conventional cost–benefit analysis (CBA) separately to schemes for urban redevelopment and town expansion. Conventional CBA attempts to measure all effects in monetary terms and to highlight the aggregate economic impact.