chapter  5
Reconfigurable UWB Antennas Design
WithChinmoy Saha, Jawad Y. Siddiqui, Yahia M.M. Antar
Pages 36

Chapter 5 deals with arts and techniques of design and realization of reconfigurable UWB antenna with clear focus on recent and upcoming technological requirements, with an in-depth introduction into the classical approach and techniques on reconfigurable antennas. UWB antennas with tunable/reconfigurable notch frequencies and reconfigurable antennas with multiple band are discussed in detail. A section focuses exclusively on a recent technique of designing dual reconfigurable printed antenna, which can work as a tunable notched UWB antenna and reconfigurable narrowband antenna. In addition, filter integrated UWB reconfigurable antenna, popularly known as reconfigurable filtenna, is also discussed. Fundamental concepts on and physical insight into the design principles and contemporary contributions by various researchers are also highlighted.