52 Pages

Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Proposed FFR Algorithms

WithMohammed K. Salman, Yahya Abid, Badlishah R. Ahmad

This chapter introduces the performance analysis of the static resource assignment (SRA) fractional frequency reuse (FFR) algorithm. It presents the response of segment through the proposed cases and compares the results of SRA FFR and traditional FFR. The chapter presents performance analysis of the dynamic resource assignment (DRA) FFR algorithm, where two types of mobility patterns are tested: mobility pattern I (DRA-I) and mobility pattern II (DRA-II). It evaluates the robustness of SRA and DRA algorithms under different system bandwidths. The chapter includes the results of channel capacity per SRA and DRA in different system bandwidths. It presents the performance evaluation of the SRA and DRA algorithms in order to justify the decision to use these algorithms in mobile Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) base stations. The DRA-I FFR algorithm under mobility pattern I enhances the performance of traditional FFR in different manners.