6 Pages

The Road Ahead

WithMohammed K. Salman, Yahya Abid, Badlishah R. Ahmad

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is a promising technology for high-speed data transmission to deliver a broadband service, and recently it has been the focus of attention by the research community. This chapter presents the conclusions and recommendations obtained from this book. Furthermore, it discusses some possible future research challenges that need to be studied in this area. In order to enable the fractional frequency reuse technique to work efficiently in urban areas to handle medium and high population densities, all the bandwidth needs to be used to increase the efficiency of fractional frequency reuse and make it suitable for crowded cities. In cellular network deployment, using all the bandwidth in each cell without affecting the channel quality of cell border users is a challenge. In the static resource assignment design, all the available bandwidth is used in each cell where an frequency reuse factor of 1 is achieved without increasing the interference level between base stations.