chapter  1
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WithAlison L. DuBois, Molly A. Mistretta

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, an emphasis on moral and value development in the curriculum occurred, changing the educational pedagogy landscape. Gender bias was also prevalent with society largely believing that rational attributes were ascribed to men and emotional attributes were largely possessed by women. Educators are interfacing daily with children who are suffering the deleterious effects of trauma, poverty, and poor parenting practices. As a result of this historical educational evolution, educators are struggling daily with a multitude of issues ranging from large class sizes/caseloads to meeting the wide range of educational needs in the classroom to the management of difficult behaviors. There are many factors that influence teacher attrition. First are the individual dispositions, skills, and abilities that influence how well educators respond to the school environment, such as the number of students served and diversity of students’ learning needs.