chapter  6
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Compassion Satisfaction

You’re Pretty Darn Awesome!
WithAlison L. DuBois, Molly A. Mistretta

Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun introduced the term post-traumatic growth to describe the positive changes that some trauma survivors report as a result of the struggle to cope with traumatic events. When educators support a child who is dealing with trauma, they can derive tremendous satisfaction in knowing that they have provided quality care and compassion, which in turn motivates them to continue on with their work. Compassion satisfaction as it relates to student trauma is the “pleasure educators derive from being able to do their work well”. Vicarious resilience is a phenomenon characterized by “a unique and positive effect” that transforms helpers in response to a trauma survivors’ own resiliency. Developing and sustaining compassion satisfaction involves engaging in activities that increase teacher's positive outlook. Three ways of doing so include keeping a positive attitude towards students, increasing opportunities to manage stress, and implementing meaningful self-care.