chapter  I
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The Nature and Method of The Experiment

ByG. Gordon Brown, A. Mcd Bruce Hutt

Generally speaking, there is no doubt that properly directed anthropological research could be of great practical value in the administration of primitive peoples. Unfortunately, in the past, there has been a tendency to regard it as being too academic to be of any immediate use. The essence of the experiment was first to discover what fields of knowledge were of use to the administrator, and secondly to evolve a simple method of securing and presenting such knowledge in a way that would serve immediate practical ends. Circumstances irrelevant to the main issue decided the place, since one of the authors was the District Officer and the other had been for some time engaged in anthropological work in that area. Early in the period of collaboration, it became apparent that it was necessary to formulate with some precision the functions and duties of an administrator and the knowledge he should possess to enable him to discharge them.