chapter  III
The Changing Tribe
ByG. Gordon Brown, A. Mcd Bruce Hutt
Pages 33

This chapter explains some of the more important factors causing cultural change in the present generation. Hehe culture is not static, but is in a continual process of change. This process did not begin with the European conquest of the tribe. It is obviously a matter of the greatest importance for the administrator to understand the nature and extent of the developments which are taking place. If administration means anything, it means the guiding of a people in such a manner that their social and economic evolution will ultimately prove beneficial. Up to the present, administration has been the most important influence on tribal life. Administrative duties, in the narrower sense of the term, include supervision and direction of the tribal administration, of the native courts, and of tax assessment and collection. The chapter suggests a few of the problems which arise in connexion with the tribal political organization and the development of the native courts. It discusses taxation.