chapter  IX
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The Askias

ByE. W. Bovill

Askia Muhammad wisely sought the advice of the great reformer, Muhammad Abd el Kerim el Maghili, sometimes known as El Baghdadi. After the battle of Angoo Muhammad Ture entered Gao and proclaimed himself King of the Songhai. Askia quickly took in hand the reform of the administration. In 1495 Askia set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca. He is remembered as the greatest religious teacher in the history of the Western Sudan, and many are the places which men hold sacred because El Maghili prayed there. In 1585 a force of 200 Moorish musketeers seized Taghaza and drove out the Berabish and Mesufa, who worked the mines for the Askias, and they also seized Taghaza el Ghizlan. Askia Daud died in 1582. He was succeeded by his son, Muhammad El Hadj, who seized the throne in the absence of his elder brother, Muhammad Bengan.