chapter  2
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Individual Behaviour

WithYorgos Y Papageorgiou

There are several ways in which one could analyse urban phenomena. One such way is to view the city as a collection of individuals. In this context, it is necessary to provide a model of human behaviour that serves as the building-block of cities. Variations in human character imply variations in preference structure. Clearly a state of society is beyond human comprehension. In consequence any individual is sensitive over a small part of the state of society and remains indifferent over the rest. Since individuals are sensitive over a small part of the state of society, they will remain indifferent over most alternative states of society. Any individual may be indifferent as between two complexes, one ensuring a comfortable life dedicated to the arts and the other an adventurous sporting life. The emerging point of view is that of an individual who, with some allocation other than the best, reevaluates and readjusts allocation according to his preference structure.