chapter  One
The Meru
ByB. Bernardi
Pages 30

The Meru are a Bantu tribe and live mainly in the District of Meru of the Central Province of Kenya. Since the beginning of 1956, they have been separated from the Kikuyu to form the Meru Land Unit. The proclamation of this special Land Unit constitutes an official acknowledgement of the present tribal unity of the Meru, distinct territorially, linguistically and socially, from the Kikuyu and the Embu. The geographical distribution of the Meru coincides almost entirely with the administrative boundaries of the District of Meru. The Thagichu or Thaichu, a section of the Tharaka, is the only group outside the District. They live on the eastern side of Tana River and form a Location of Kitui District, Ukamba. Practically all the educational work in Meru has been carried on by the Missions. The work of the Missions for the education, both religious and civic, of the Meru has been considerable.