chapter  Five
The Power of the Mugwe
ByB. Bernardi
Pages 36

'The Ugwe,' said the elders of Chuka, 'is made up of all the actions of the Mugwe: they are very good and beneficial to his people.' The same conception is found among all the other sub-tribes. The Mugwe is supposed to foster the general welfare of his people by his blessing and by the goodness of his life. In married life, the Mugwe is also supposed to conduct himself in an outstanding and singular way. His behaviour is indeed a matter of wonder to all. He cannot do anything evil to his people. The Mugwe is also supposed to be a strict observer of the old customs. A very special power in connection with the blessings of the Mugwe was popularly attributed to his left hand. It is the hand that the Mugwe always keeps under his mantle, it is the hand with which he holds the kiragu, even when playing.