chapter  9
24 Pages

Shaping in Planes

WithJanet Kestenberg Amighi, Susan Loman, K. Mark Sossin

The primary functions served by shaping in planes are enacting, embodying, influencing, and expressing concepts and ideas; enacting, embodying, influencing, and expressing social relationships: gestural elaboration of narratives; and providing structure for efforts. Shaping in planes may occur with or without bipolar or unipolar shape flow changes. The chapter reviews some of the developmental progressions from bipolar shape flow to shaping in planes. Bipolar shape flow adds the under structure and support for shaping in planes movements. Shape flow can support or conflict with the pattern of forming relationships, suggested by shaping in planes. Retreating in shaping in planes is matched with acceleration in efforts. Shaping in planes involves multidimensional movements and relationships. In retreating with shaping in planes, an individual may sweep backward, traversing the "wheel" plane. An appropriate match of shaping and effort integrates the dynamic of efforts with the structure for relationships created by shaping in planes.