chapter  11
KMP of Joey and Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) Clinical Applications
WithSuzanne Hastie
Pages 21

The Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) presented is of Joey, an African American pre-school student who attended a school specializing in treating language and communication disorders. He was evaluated at the school at the age of two years for a series of diagnostic evaluations in the following areas: speech, occupational therapy, dance/movement therapy (DMT), and psychology. During the DMT evaluation, completed by a different dance/movement therapist on staff, Joey was highly energetic, distractible, and had difficulty making eye contact and sustaining interactions. The recommendation by the dance/movement therapist was that Joey be seen twice weekly in both group and individual DMT sessions to work on the following goals: to develop self-awareness, to increase attention span, and to express physical energy through appropriate channels. Joey was very tuned into the lights, sounds, and temperature changes in his environment. Joey participated in DMT for ten months prior to the construction of his KMP.