chapter  7
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Shape Flow Design

WithJanet Kestenberg Amighi, Susan Loman, K. Mark Sossin

Shape flow design focuses on the way movements create designs in space moving away from the body and toward the body. The study of shape flow design is the study of the qualities of movements which individuals use to traverse the space around them known as the kin sphere. Three aspects of movement are considered in this diagram: the mover's use of the surrounding personal space, that is, near, intermediate, or reach space; the basic design of spatial pathways of centrifugal or centripetal movement; and the specific design factors or elements of the movement, that is, looping/linear, high/low amplitude, and rounded/angular reversals. In contrast to proxemics, which studies interpersonal space, shape flow design describes an individual mover's use of pathways through the space around oneself. Pathways of shape flow design movement are traced as they travel away from and toward the body traversing near, intermediate, and reach spaces.