chapter  7
A new cross-disciplinary methodology to explore home-making
BySandra Costa Santos, Nadia Bertolino, Stephen Hicks, Camilla Lewis, Vanessa May
Pages 13

The appendix chapter discusses the use of innovative, cross-disciplinary methods for understanding how people make home. In particular, the chapter explores the methodological possibilities or combining sociological and architectural methods on place and the home including evaluation processes from architectural theory alongside biographical and walk-along interviews from the social sciences. The approach discussed here is situated within the methodological turn to visual methods, material methods and sensory approaches to the home. The chapter moves outside disciplinary boundaries in order to discuss home in new ways, from a range of perspectives. It finally argues that this book’s novel cross-disciplinary approach broadens understandings of home, by bringing attention to the unspoken dimensions of architecture and embodied elements of home that are central to home-making. Also, the chapter provides a detailed account of the way in which the methods were designed and used in the Claremont Court study, in order to provide readers with practical methodological guidance for their own work.