chapter  five
The transcendent perspective
WithDudley Plunkett
Pages 24

This chapter explores virtually an alternative to the pragmatic, one which is different from either the rational scientific or the holistic. It reviews that the recognition of the human being as having a spiritual nature carries radical implications for life as a whole, and thus also for education. The spiritual reality is transcendental, and gives humanity a personal link to God, that is to the Absolute in goodness and truth, so that there is no conceivable human aspiration that can take us any further. To apply a spiritual perspective to education means accepting to see it other than in the light of the timely. This is to take another direction from the essentially pessimistic view of man and of education followed by so many ideological currents of the present time. The problem the educator faces is how to reconcile the right of the learner to self-determination and the spiritual value of educating for conviction.