chapter  2
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Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to Tackle Climate Variability and Change Impacts

ByCesar Marolla

The advance of information and communication technologies (ICTs) implementation in finding solutions to our socio-economic and environmental issues is playing an important role in achieving sustainable development goals. The link between ICTs and policy-makers and all stakeholders of the information society is more important now than ever, as the capacity of new technologies to cope with climate variability and change as well as addressing health risks; environmental degradation becomes crucial to minimize the aforementioned global risks. Hence, the development of pragmatic policies to mitigate the harmful effects of climatic events imposes a responsibility to promote the technology as an effective tool for developing and consequently implementing strategic planning to massive ICT infrastructure investments and availability of broadband for local and national development. To further the efforts of innovation and coordination requires the participation of all sectors of society; from the public and private sector to communities and local leaders in order to fulfill the potential that ICTs offer toward a sustainable society.