chapter  1
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Urban Planning in a Capitalist Society: Some Preliminary Remarks

WithGwyneth Kirk

Conservation area policies, intended to protect buildings of architectural or historic interest also reinforce the exclusive nature of such buildings, and enhance their price accordingly, placing them beyond the reach of all but the most wealthy section of society. Urbanisation comes about as a result of industrialisation, with a concentration of job opportunities in urban areas, the relative attractiveness of urban life as opposed to rural life, and the contemporaneous or subsequent mechanisation of agriculture, thus displacing erstwhile rural workers from the land. There are problems of housing provision and allocation, attraction of labour to isolated areas, planning urban and economic growth and suchlike, experienced in the centrally planned economies of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Although certain kinds of intervention and regulation restrict the activities of firms, taken overall, public intervention in the economy is enabling a fundamentally capitalist system to continue to operate.