chapter  15
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Lipid-Based Nanoformulations from Plants for Sustainable Drug Delivery

WithIlaria Clemente, Ilaria Colzi, Sara Falsini

This chapter covers the subject of novel lipid-based nanoformulations obtained from plant derivatives focusing on sustainable practices. In recent years, these carriers have received particular attention for their biocompatibility, versatility, and scalability at the industrial level. Another aspect that should not be underestimated in this context is the need for a sustainable approach to nanotechnology, which means eco-compatible design starting from renewable resources and new procedures providing the reduction of dangerous waste and energy consumption. Here, we report a summary of synthetic procedures starting from leaves, edible fruits, or oil seeds and considering different green solvents and technologies. These approaches are extremely promising and open the way to the design of new delivery systems with enhanced affinity for the target while taking care of human safety and the environment.