chapter  4
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Phytosomes as Novel Carriers of Herbal Extracts

WithSevgi Güngör, Özlem Akbal-Dağıstan, Evren Algın Yapar, Murat Kartal, Yıldız Özsoy

This chapter highlights the limitations of conventional formulation strategies of phytomedicines originated from plants and addressess the impact of pytosomes as a delivery system, paying particular attention to the studies performed. Pyhto-nanosystems are considered as enhanced forms of plant originated extracts or their constituents that are better absorbed and more stabilized compared to conventional herbal dosage forms. Phytosomes contains phytoconstituents of herbal extract which are surrounded and bounded by phospholipids. Phytosomes are produced via a chemical reaction whereby the standardized plant extract or its constituents are bound to phospholipids, in which the stoichiometric quantities of phospholipid and the standardized herbal extracts is the critical parameter. A nano-phytosome delivery system was prepared in order to improve bioavailability of luteolin and to enhance passive targeting of the therapeutic agents in breast cancer cells. The patents on the preparation and application of phytosomes are approved, and some commercial preparations of phytosomes come into the market.