chapter  12
61 Pages

Turfgrass Diseases and Nematodes

WithL.B. (Bert) McCarty

One of the most feared, yet least understood, biological phenomena golf courses face are various diseases. Understanding the biology, cultural practices and environmental conditions that favor or discourage a particular disease may help prevent an epidemic that causes unacceptable damage. Many interacting factors determine the severity of disease development over time. Organisms causing turfgrass diseases, the disease cycle concept, and avoidance and control strategies for all the major diseases occurring on golf courses throughout the world are covered. This includes typical symptoms associated with the diseases, environmental conditions that are most likely to occur, management strategies to avoid or, at least, minimize their effects, and if needed, successful strategies on their control. Similarly, the chapter discusses the major nematodes that turf managers face, diagnoses their occurrence, and gives the latest management strategies to minimize their negative impacts.