chapter  16
30 Pages

Budgets and Personnel Management

WithL.B. (Bert) McCarty

As with any business, having an understanding of prudent budget development and implementation practices is necessary for successful golf course operations. Costs, personnel requirements, equipment and supply needs, and resulting budgets vary considerably, depending on initial construction and design, course expectations, resource location, and competition from local dealers and suppliers. Careful planning and communication are essential to the financial success of the operation, no matter what the decision makers agree to spend on the facility, as the owner and manager use the budget process to plan, project and control the course’s financial resources. Successful superintendents learn to develop and implement budgets and handle personnel issues, as well as how to communicate these needs to course owners or managers. Budgets are organized systematically in stages, including long-term improvements of the course, daily expectations of course conditions and the personnel and budget needs to obtain them, and cost projections to meet the desired goals. Understanding basic business terms and principles; maintenance equipment needs and justifying additional pieces; equipment purchasing, renting, and leasing; personnel requirements for maintaining a facility; and employment job descriptions and contracts are essential for a superintendent to succeed.