chapter  2
38 Pages

Turfgrass Physiology and Environmental Stresses

WithL.B. (Bert) McCarty

Understanding how plants grow, develop, and acquire resources provides basic but necessary information for turfgrass managers to make key agronomic decisions. The environment along with a plant’s genetics combines to dictate how well they are adapted and likely to thrive in certain areas or how turf managers need to modify a plant’s microenvironment to allow it to survive. Being familiar with the concepts of plant physiology equips facility managers to better select products and implement management practices that improve turfgrass performance while minimizing environmental stresses and costs. Distinguishing characteristics between plants, a thorough discussion on primary environmental parameters influencing their growth and development, and this interaction with a plant’s physiology are covered. Plant growth hormones and how managers implement their use to provide more desirable growth, as well as additional management strategies that maximize a plant’s ability to succeed, are covered.