chapter  7
48 Pages

Plant Nutrition and Turf Fertilizers

WithL.B. (Bert) McCarty

An often confusing and convoluting aspect of maintaining a golf course is the various products available and the potential benefits they may or may not provide. A wide array of fertilizer products is available that is essential to allow courses to compete for golfers as these products help sustain desirable color, growth, density, and vigor; better resist diseases, weeds, and insects; and provide satisfactory playing conditions. Understanding nutrients that plants require, their effects and uses, and available products containing them is covered, paying special attention to organically based products and developing successful nutrient programs. How various fertilizers are manufactured, as well as their characteristics and use, is explained in detail with numerous examples to reinforce covered topics. The latest thoughts and methods used in soil nutrient analysis and interpretations are also covered, as well as leaf tissue analysis. Fertilizer calculations supplemented with numerous examples are provided as well as fertigation uses and formulas.