chapter  19
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Some other groups and circumstances

WithGeoffrey P. Webb

A strict vegetarian or vegan avoids consuming any animal products meat, fish, eggs, dairy produce, products derived from animal sources like gelatine, isinglass, cochineal and perhaps even honey. Nutritionists have traditionally been concerned about the adequacy implications of vegetarian and particularly vegan diets. Animal-derived foods are the only, or the major, sources of some nutrients in typical UK and US diets. The possibility that supplies of such nutrients might be inadequate in vegetarian or especially vegan diets needs to be considered and, where necessary, remedial measures identified that are consistent with maintaining the chosen diet. The health record of Native Americans is particularly poor, with two nutrition-related risk factors, alcohol abuse and obesity, clearly identified as important. Death rates from accident, homicide, suicide and cirrhosis of the liver are all much higher in Native Americans than in other Americans and are all associated with alcohol abuse.