chapter  3
26 Pages

Centred threads become blocks

WithAdrian Holliday, Sara Amadasi

Following the theme of unexpectedness referred to at the beginning of Chapter 2, what is particularly important is that the threads that Sara initially thought that she was extending, through the positioning that she believed would be meaningful to them, were rejected by some children. Threads are therefore in themselves not straightforward and may appear to be threads when in fact they are blocks. While for Sara they were genuine threads, they may not be received as such by the people she is interacting with. It must not however be forgotten that even though they did not apparently succeed in the short-term, the overall effect of finding the unexpected in the children was actually a thread. In this chapter, therefore, we explore the difficult and often unexpected dynamics of blocks and threads inside a broader interactional framework that will reveal the danger of threads remaining Centred and thus becoming blocks. We hope to show how apparent threads intertwine with blocks and can often defy rather than build deCentred positionings, narratives and third space.