chapter  4
24 Pages

Who are we as researchers?

WithAdrian Holliday, Sara Amadasi

In the last chapter, we looked at how the people we engage with in research settings employ block and thread narratives in complex ways to position themselves both with each other and with researchers. In this chapter, we will look at how researchers also do this – just like the people they research. Unlike the dynamics studied in previous chapters, because all the participants are researchers, they start their interactions with a degree of commonality in the discourses and narratives that they share that are linked to their academic community. This means that by considering how participants splinter personal from grand narratives, through the interplay of personal cultural trajectories and influences from the media, education and other national and international sources, researchers’ sharing of certain words, ideas and concepts as an academic group has a particular role in the construction and reproduction of the narratives. This will allow us to reflect on how an apparently homogenous group of researchers can engage in negotiations that contribute to the creation of uncomfortable deCentred third spaces. Their experience of this is relevant for their understanding of the people they research and will research in the future.