chapter  10
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Thrusters and Sleepers

This chapter summarizes the main thrusting and sleepy characteristics and illustrates attitude and practice which fell outside the thrusters and sleeper concepts as they were explanatory of an industry's or a firm's particular situation. The quotations have been selected fairly evenly from each of the industries covered in the survey. The chapter shows the breakdown of quotations by industry. The grading of firms immediately raises the question of whether there is any correlation between firms' attitudinal ratings and their commercial performance. Figures produced by Moodies Services Ltd for 475 very large industrial companies, which are of course among the fastest growing, show that their net tangible assets have increased fourfold since 1948 with the pace of expansion hardly varying. The analysis of the relationship between financial results and attitudinal ratings, then, shows in general a discernible connection between attitudes on the one hand and growth at adequate or good profit levels on the other.